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Car models can be divided into different categories, starting with the popular spring cars, which are perfect for children's everyday play. For automotive enthusiasts, there are also collector's models that precisely reproduce real vehicles, offering a full range of details. Some collectors are looking for unique models that may be difficult to obtain and constitute a real gem in their collection. For both young and old enthusiasts, toy models provide fascinating entertainment, combining the joy of assembly and the aesthetics of a miniature, thus creating a unique experience for every car enthusiast.

Popular model scales

The 1:64 scale refers to smaller toy or collector car models, where one centimeter of the actual vehicle is represented by a 64-centimeter model. However, the 1:18 scale means larger models, where one centimeter of the actual car is represented by 18 centimeters of the model. The choice between these scales depends on collector preferences and available storage space.


Spring suspensions for children, collector's items for enthusiasts, unique items for collectors - the world of model cars offers diversity. Toy models provide the joy of childhood, collectible precise details, and unique ones become a gem in the collection.

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The 1:24 scale in car models means that each centimeter of the miniature model represents twenty-four centimeters of the actual vehicle. Models in this scale are smaller than those in 1:18 scale, which makes them more compact, but still allows for accurate reproduction of details. This is a popular scale among collectors, offering a good balance between detail and the space needed to display various car models.
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